September 13, 2011


Hi everyone!
I need your help- I just moved to Providence to start grad school and I really need some new music to make me feel more at home (anyone felt the same way?).  Let me know if you have any suggestions. PLEASE, I'm near desperate for some new tunes and have basically just been listening to Bon Iver on repeat.  In the meantime, here's one of my new favorites:

*if there's anyone out there reading this then leave some sort of comment so I feel like I'm not talking to the empty room that is the internet, or else I'll be kinda sad.
VvV Amanda


Azzara Oston said...

i like you!!

Beth Shook said...

listen to upbeat brazilian bossa or tropicalia. not new but it's good for when you feel like you're in limbo.

Nora said...

The new (and old) St. Vincent and Girls albums are great. Also you can't be sad when listening to Slow Club's album "Yeah, So."

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