December 30, 2010

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In

This is a cover by my friend Maria, a budding Ukelele player. Hope to hear many new songs by her soon!


Friends came over for a potluck dinner organized by Marcy , (check out her culinary blog!) so we had lots of tasty things: enchiladas, cheese vegetable quiche, salad with fruit and goat's cheese, turkey burgers, ahhhhhh.

VvV Amanda

December 29, 2010

December 28, 2010

Sales Sales Sales

I know everyone is super excited for post-Christmas sales, and I am no exception. Here's a guide for some great deals, including some wonderful last-minute New Years Eve options:

Left: Reindeer Jumper $60, was $100. Right: Beaded Trousers $150, was $310.

Left: Peter Pan Collar Dress $24.14, was $48.27. Right: Ankle Boots $43.10, was $60.34

Left: Sam Edelman Boots $122.50, was $175. Right: Madewell Belt $33.60, was $48.

Left: Blue Dress $19.99, was $68. Right: Heeled Booties, $19.99, was $68

So many shops are having ridiculous sales right now! Also check out Modcloth, Madewell (use code BYEBYE for 30% off!), Forever 21, Anthropologie is having a huge one, French Connection, and H&M in store for some seriously amazing deals.

Also don't forget
the End-of-Year Event Shopbop sale EXTRA 20% Off ALL SALE w/ code 20MORE (

I'm in England at the moment and am planning lots and lots of shopping into my schedule, I can't wait! Hopefully I'll find some nice things that will make their way onto the blog.
Happy Shopping!
, Azzara

December 26, 2010

So many clever designs. Makes me want to design my own business card but these examples are hard to live up to! Esp love the ornithologist's card. Binoculars anyone?

VvV Amanda

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Uh oh. Spoke too soon. Glad this didn't happen on xmas day! 4 inches and counting...

December 24, 2010

The view on Christmas Eve in NY. Unseasonably warm much?

VvV Amanda

December 23, 2010

Nicole Dextras Photography

Nicole Dextras is an artist hailing from Vancouver who works as a mixed media artist as well as an art teacher. She creates environmental art focusing on different aspects of nature, using materials typically found in different seasons of the year to construct her pieces. From clothing frozen into ice to dresses made of flowers, Dextras has used nature as her muse for her ephemeral pieces, many which can be seen on her flickr. She has also happens to take wonderful black and white photographs all over the world, which are eerily beautiful. Here are some of my favourites:

all images from

Check out Nicole Dextras' blog which details more of her projects, and make sure to check out her exhibitions if you're in the area.
, Azzara

Happy Holidays!

I'm off for a couple of weeks to England and France to visit my family and generally relax. In France, we're going to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, which is pretty little town very near to the Spanish border. I've got my trusty old old Pentax so I will make every effort to take some nice wintery photos. Hopefully I'll be able to get on the internet as much as possible to write riveting blog posts about my escapades (only a bit sarcastic).

For now, I'll leave you with a nice lil picture of our tree. This is pre-addition-of-candy-canes by my brother, but I still think it looks loverly.

Here's a picture of my favourite ornament of all, a huge fish with moveable scales. And it's blue and gold... perfect! I'm somewhat (read: very) tempted to steal it and make it into a necklace.

Happy Holidays to all!
, Azzara

Style Relish on Twitter!

Hey all,

Sorry for the superlame lack of posting from me in the past few weeks. I had a bunch of finals and papers to work on, which barely left enough time for my nightly Twitter lurking, let alone interesting blog posting. But now I'm on holiday and have no excuse! So to start off this great holiday break, Amanda and I have decided that it's finally time we break into the Twittersphere (Twitsphere? Tweetsphere? Goodness.. who knows what the proper lingo is these days) with (style) relish!

Click here to find us on Twitter.

Don't forget to follow us for fun updates!
Love, Amanda and Azzara

December 22, 2010


Don't forget there are more blog updates on!

December 17, 2010

O.O.O. Crystal Necklace

Object of Obsession: Madewell Crystal charm necklace, $24.99

Doesn't it seem like some sort of talisman? Or maybe if you hold it up to the light it will create a rainbow. Personal rainbow maker. Yes!

December 16, 2010

Project Runway... Accessories

Ohhh goodness, Project Runway: Accessories has just been announced. Can't wait for the designers to be forced to make hats and bracelets out of litter found in the park, or from dog toys at a pet supply store with only a pocket-knife at their disposal. It'll be just great to watch the contestants hammering at leather to try and make 8-inch platform shoes. And how do they plan to show the accessories without overshadowing them with crazy, ruffly clothing (which I'm sure many designers will inevitably style their models with)?

So so much to look forward to. Who do you think should be a guest judge? Who's excited?!
, Azzara

December 13, 2010


December 11, 2010


Okay, okay so I don't speak Spanish, BUT this post is dedicated to my ethnically diverse friends (said in a completely PC and completely loving way). The other day I went out and celebrated the birthdays of some people I love dearly, which included eating our body weight in creamy, buttery foods (yes, please) + cake + wine + much fun hollering. Just like hanging out with good friends can make you super happy (cheesy, right?) there are some songs that ALWAYS without fail make me feel hyper and excitable, no matter how many times I listen to them.

A Thing for Me -- Metronomy (the video for this is great too):

Hey You -- Basement Jaxx:

Olympic Airways -- Foals:

Far Away -- Cut Copy (this one is dedicated to Elisa):

...and my secret favourite is Memories by David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi. The video is super awkward in a great way and I'm into it. What are your go-to songs that always put you in a good mood? Since it’s the end of the semester for us still-in-college folk, we need all the uplifting we can get. Recommend away!

, Azzara


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