November 30, 2010

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November 29, 2010

Scarf it

Brrrrrr. It's cold out. Make sure you bundle up before you step out! Here are some scarf options I picked out with you in mind. I hope one of them strikes your fancy. I'm particularly digging the "infinity" shape because there are no loose ends and seems super easy to loop around your neck 2+ times. Also fringe options, just because fringe is fun.

Fred Flare inifinity scarf-$14, Gap colorblock- $30

Madewell Impressionist scarf- $58, Malene Birger from Outnet- $41

Fashion That Looks Good Enough To Eat

When I came across this on the A Little Bit Weird blog, I knew I had to share. I think by now it's pretty obvious that we here at Style Relish love food just as much as we like shopping, and so when we come across both in the same place... we're thrilled! Sung Yeon Ju, a Korean designer, made all of these dresses out of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other foods (including eggs, chicken, and shrimp) for her Wearable Foods series. Her Tomato #2 dress is so beautiful that it was used in an H&M ad campaign. What a great idea for your Thanksgiving leftovers ....juuust kidding. Check out some of her amazingly intricate work below.

Lotus Root

Bubble Gum #2

Tomato #2

Winter Mushroom #2


...and my personal favourite, White Radish:

Ahhh I want to wear (and eat) them all! If you want to see more of Sung Yeon Ju's work, and if you're interested in seeing those egg, chicken or shrimp dresses I mentioned, check out her website for more! And if you're into strange food art, have a look at our Food Friends post from October.
♥, Azzara

November 28, 2010

Your Guide To Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping season is definitely underway. I bought a lot of exciting things this week that I can't wait to wear this winter, although I managed to avoid Black Friday like the plague (sounds like a disease, doesn't it). If you too were a little wary of Black Friday crowds (or eeeeven if you were brave), luckily for you Cyber Monday is rearing it's lovely head for more sales left and right. Here's my list of great Cyber Monday sales to take advantage of:

Modcloth is having their 'Tis The Season sale, which has soo many really fantastic bargains. I'm sort of obsessed with some of their dresses on sale. But then again, who hasn't been obsessed with something from Modcloth? Sale ends November 30 at 12:01AM, so get all your shopping done tomorrow!

Left: Dress $31.99, was $42.99; Right: Necklace $19.99, was $27.99

Shopbop is having a sale called The Big Event, where lots of stuff is 20%-70% off. Sale ends November 29 at 11:59PM.

Left: Alice & Olivia dress $316.80, was $396; Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs bag $150.40, was $188

Topshop is having a Black Friday sale that never ends (well, not just yet at least). They're offering free shipping and 20% off at the check out on jeans and shoes, as well as some dresses and jackets. Sale ends November 29.

Left: Dress $80, was $100; Right: Jacket $88, was $110

Madewell has a pretty great sale going on at the moment, with a bunch of stuff at least 60% off.
Left: Skirt $59.99, was $88; Right: Boots $173, was $248

And last but not least, check out Etsy for some ridiculous sales. Some of my favourite shops, My Vintage Apartment, Dear Golden Vintage, and Vintage Shoe Love are having amazing sales today and tomorrow, so hurry over quickly before they're over.

Happy Shopping!
♥, Azzara

November 27, 2010

The history of rap

Happy Saturday!

November 26, 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (with only minimal stomach aches we hope), it's time to think about what's coming. I'm not gonna lie... I've been known to wear clothes that are completely inappropriate for the season at hand, and I assume that this winter will be no different. But hey, this winter boots don't have to be reminiscent of horse hooves... or a fringed bear. You can cover your feet to keep out the cold while still looking cute, and not like you're about to separate some floating ice in Antarctica. Slipping around on ice and snow (or maybe that's just me) because of sligtly inappropriate footwear has never been this much fun. Here are my boot picks for this winter:

Jeffrey Campbell at Need Supply Co., $130.


River Island, £34.99.

Forever 21, $24.80.

Urban Outfitters, $68.

Jeffrey Campbell, $180.

Madewell, $298.

Hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving and is looking forward to Cyber Monday (especially if you were too scared of the crowds today like I was).
♥, Azzara

November 21, 2010

Festive Fashion

Soo the holidays are once again lurking around the corner, ready to creep up and smother us with good cheer and weird Christmas pudding (am I being cynical?). But, being cooped up with crazy family members doesn't have to be all bad. The holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up and be glamorous! Although, who needs an excuse anyway?

Here are my picks for festive attire that will make even the scroogiest of Scrooges feel joyful. And they'd all look just great with a glass of champagne.

Modcloth, $44.99

Nadinoo, £130.

Urban Outfitters, $149.

J. Crew, $275.

Topshop, $100.

And here's one more I-Wish Dress. I didn't have a chance to get my hands on any Lanvin for H&M stuff, but that doesn't mean I'm not still drooling over this yellow ruffly number:

Lanvin for H&M on eBay, $330+

I want them all! Can you tell what colours I'm into this year? Haha neutrals all the way, except I love that pinkish J. Crew starburst dress and I can never say no to a blue dress. What're you guys wearing this holiday season?
♥, Azzara

November 19, 2010

A Feist-y film

Check out Look at What the Light Did Now, a new documentary that follows Feist's musical career, collaborations, and the artistry involved.

I saw her in concert not so recently when she played McCarren park pool and later in Northampton, MA and was fascinated by the different puppertry/ light techniques used to enhance the already dream-like atmosphere. No one puts on a show quite like Feist. My only regret is that the screenings of the film are primarily in Canada, damn them. Maybe when it comes out on DVD?

Check out the above link and let us know what you think.

November 17, 2010

Wednesday Warble

Wednesday Warble doesn't sound nearly as good as Tuesday Tunes, does it? Well, unfortunately this week, that can't be helped. Making up for some lame busyness and lack-of-posting-ness, here's a fun edition of Wednesday Warble (ha, it's still funny).

This weekend is Fall Fling at my college, which means we get to go to concerts and prance around doing fun activities all for
freefreefree. Tomorrow's band is none other than Best Coast, hailing from L.A., a super fun band fronted by Bethany Cosentino. Bobb Bruno and ex-Vivian Girls Ali Koehler make up the rest of the "surf pop" trio, bassing and drumming their way along to superstar-dom. Anyway, I'm excited to see them tomorrow fo' free, since I was bummed to have missed them over the summer in New York.

Have a listen to my favourite song of theirs "Summer Mood":

And then after this wonderful concert, I'm then going to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter, possibly wearing a graduation robe (might as well get some use out of that thing). Extremely excited, not gonna lie. But that's another story.

It doesn't end yet! Friday night
Chiddy Bang is coming to play and I can't wait. If you're not familiar with them, they're a hip hop group from Philly who sample bands like Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead and mix it all in with a lil hip hop. I actually wasn't that familiar with them until my friend Sharel told me they were performing, but it seems like it's going to be an awesome show! Their most popular song is "Opposite of Adults" where they sample MGMT "Kids". The video is a bit abnormal, in a great way! Silly bobblehead kids. Check it out below:

And here's "Truth" where they sample Passion Pit "Better Things":

Can you blame me for being excited? What groovy stuff do you guys have going on this week/weekend?
♥, Azzara

November 16, 2010

A delicious solution

photo courtesy of my dad

Imagine if you will, having a 1.5+ foot zucchini (grown in my grandmother's own backyard!) and not knowing what to do with the dang thing. That was me last week and this is what we came up with.

A wonderful meaty meatloaf filled with lots of onion, worchester sauce, and slathered in a fine coat of BBQ sauce (keeps the moisture in). Served with a "ratatouille" of roasted zucchini, tomato, onion, and finished with a splash of vinegar.

A nicely browned loaf made with yogurt and lots of shredded zucchini.

If you are interested: recipes upon request.
PS- more fashiony/ arty/ musicy things coming soon.

November 14, 2010

We've Missed You!

Sorry we've been totally MIA for the past week. We've both been sick, which has obviously involved much loafing about watching TV shows we're too embarrassed to talk about publicly. But we're getting better, which means they'll be some great posts coming this week. Since I've been spending so much quality time with my bed, I managed to document this lovely sunset out of my window that made my room all pink. I took a picture with my real camera too, so once I get the film developed... I'll share the possible masterpiece I've created (warning: it won't be that cool).

♥, Azzara

November 8, 2010

Now I ain't sayin she's a golddigger

And so concludes gold weekend. Gotta end it with a bang. Go big or go home.

Alexander McQueen skull clutch and ring

Urbanoutfitters earrings, $24

Nanette Lepore dress
Lomographic fisheye camera, $60

Put your gold bricks back in the vault until next time. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

November 6, 2010

Gold Teef

To celebrate Weezy's freedom, check him out reppin' the gold (& diamonds). He's so fancy.

Now, a more fashion-related note, here are some wonderful clothes, shoes and accessories perfect for Gold Weekend (and beyond)!

Modcloth, $64.99

Lolitaflora on Etsy, $13.

Aaand a little bit of black... because black and gold do look so classy together. I'll always remember (gosh, I sound so old) the outfit I wore to some formal or other which consisted of a black strapless dress, black shoes, gold iridescent tights and a beautiful gold necklace given to me as a gift (don't you love it when gift-givers actually have great taste?). Anyway, the moral of the story is that I managed to maintain my slightly crazy, over-the-top style (gold sparkly tights, anyone?) while at the same time still looking reasonably elegant. Taking after my one fancy moment, here are some lovely black and gold pieces.
CapriciousTraveler on Etsy, $54.

Madewell on Shopbop, $178.

and just one more thing to tie it all together (don't worry, it's not a tie):
Modcloth, $17.99

Anyone have any great gold clothing? I've got a sweater or two with gold decoration, but other than that... I'm definitely lacking. Have a Happy Gold Weekend!
♥, Azzara

November 5, 2010

Gold Gold Gold

It'sssssss Gold Weekend!
Who doesn't love gold? It's the perfect mix of cool and fancy, and a simple gold accessory makes anyone look a little bit classier.

Love, $30 (was $60) at Topshop.

Anna Sui nail polish, $15 at Urban Outfitters.

And back to the band that you all know I obsess over, Foals. This song is perfect for our weekend, since it's called Gold Gold.

Keep checking for more fun gold clothes and accessories this whole weekend! Gimme gimme gimme!
♥, Azzara


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