December 27, 2011

Glass Beach

It's a little bit sad when there is so much trash and litter on beaches or anywhere but check out these photos of Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California via Thisiscolossal.  Pretty interesting eh?  At least all the glass became something very unique and beautiful.  Can you imagine how many bottles people threw overboard on their boats carelessly to create this crazy beach tableau?  If only people would recycle more...

VvV Amanda

December 18, 2011

Hansel From Basel

For all you hosiery fans, check out this video of Hannah Byun, founder of the tights and socks line Hansel From Basel.  PS- I'm heading home to NY tomorrow for winter break so hopefully I'll be able to write some longer posts...enjoy!

VvV Amanda

December 16, 2011

Ice Cube + Eames

Ice Cube studied architectural drafting before rap music??  So unexpected and so good. This is for you Eames lovers.
  VvV Amanda

December 14, 2011

Boston Aquarium Pt. II

Here are those jelly fish photos I promised.  Aren't they beautiful creatures?  It's something about the way they move so fluidly with their irridescent bodies.  Mesmerizing. Isn't the blue photo crazy?  I kind of can't believe I took it in a semi-dark room with my dinky iPhone and it came out like this.  I have a couple more videos that I may or may not share... check back sometime to find out.

VvV Amanda

December 11, 2011

Boston Aquarium Pt. I

Hello everyone!  It's definitely been awhile since I've written anything but I have a bunch of photos to show you and possibly even some videos coming up in pt. 11 hint hint

I went to Boston this weekend and one of the very cool things I got to do is hang out with Azzara where she works at the Boston Aquarium.  So many cool sea life happenings.  Creatures under the water truly are amazing, beautiful, and inspiring.  Visiting the aquarium brought back so many memories from similar trips in middle school and elementary school.  Side note: it made me want to go to the planetarium soon and see the star shows/projections (possible winter break goal?).  After my final critique this weekend hopefully I will have time to post more before spring semester starts in January.

 Boston harbor at 8am!
(Made a new friend)

 So many insane and wonderful colors/ patterns

Stay tuned for some jelly fish photos and possibly a video or two.
VvV Amanda

December 9, 2011


Sorry I've been so MIA! Workin' a lot, staring deep into the eyes of some seal friends. It's been SO WONDERFUL. If you don't believe me, check out our trainers blog. There are some super awesome videos of seals being fancy. 

AAANYway, I (as well as everyone in the whole world) have recently become reobsessed with nail polish. That includes painting my nails with weird creatures, buying new colours for no reason (although.. who needs a reason for new nail polish riiiight?), and just generally lurking in drugstores until the colours start to blur together and remind me a whole lot of leggings from the 80s ...Ooor cat vomit. I tried some nail art last night with my friend Gretchen, which unfortunately was slightly disastrous, but fun nonetheless.

When Amanda introduced me to American Apparel nail polish, I was a bit skeptical. Buuut I am totally a fan. I went a little crazy today and I'm so glad I did. Glitter, bronze metallic and supa fun purple! I can't wait to break out the sparkly holiday garb to pair with the sparkles on my nails. It's all starting this weekend, so stay tuned for photos. But make sure you bring sunglasses!

♥, Azzara

November 27, 2011

This & That

(fieldguided tote)
(dntel song)

VvV Amanda

November 22, 2011

Looks to Like 002

images // pantonism

Who knew there were so many awesome shades of green?  I love all these different textures when they're combined visually.  Also I want most of these things (esp the giraffe bracelet and iridescent polish) with the exception of the Hulk tattoo- I just thought that was kind of fun and beautiful in it's own way.

VvV Amanda

November 17, 2011

Sweet Paul

Paul Lowe is a Norwegian food and prop stylist and crafter who runs the blog Sweet Paul. There's all kinds of fun DIY projects, delicious recipes and be-autiFUL photos. He started his own online magazine with a bunch of awesome photographers and food stylists. The holiday issue of Sweet Paul magazine is now out, and it's supa cool as usual. Click on the image below to check it out!

Definitely makes me feel like Christmas is coming! I'm doing some fun cooking tonight so hopefully I'll be blogging about that soon. I've also been watching a lot of The Wonder Years recently, I can't help it!

♥, Azzara

November 9, 2011

Matchbook Magazine Nov. 2011

Check out the November Matchbook Mag right here. Happy reading!
VvV Amanda

November 8, 2011

Looks to like 001

Time for layers, sweaters, and sunglasses
all via Klovermode

VvV Amanda

November 5, 2011

Rock Candy

I just had to share these shoes! Jak and Jil takes the best accessory photos. 

VvV Amanda

November 3, 2011

A Great Place to Stargaze

Beautiful sky views from Kielder, England (very near to the Scottish border). LUVLEY.

♥, Azzara

October 29, 2011

Versace for H&M!

By now, everyone and their mother has seen the Versace for H&M lookbook. At first glance, I wasn't thrilled. A lot of it just ain't really my style. BUT some of the black structured numbers are pretty cool. And the palm print is fun! Here are some of my favourite pieces. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Happy Halloween!
♥, Azzara

October 22, 2011

Jean-Ralphio and The New Girl...

... singing Tonight You Belong To Me.  Nice huh? They did a good job. 

VvV Amanda

October 21, 2011

Who Knows Who Cares

Local Natives: wish they'd play near Providence soon.

VvV Amanda

October 20, 2011

Calling all Death Cab Fans:

If you're a fan of Death Cab, they're releasing a remix cd of Keys and Codes.  One song is released a day and two have already been unlocked.  Check them out here.

VvV Amanda

October 18, 2011

The Art of Cooking

If you like art and also happen to like cooking then you're in the right place.  Check out these Carl Kleiner videos about the art of cooking.

VvV Amanda

October 17, 2011

Steven Alan fall 2011 lookbook

I've been into greys, blacks, and whites lately so these are perfect. 

VvV Amanda

October 13, 2011

Back To The Start

I saw this commercial last week at the movie theatre and thought it was super cool. Only at the end did I find out what it was advertising. Willie Nelson covered Coldplay for the soundtrack and (even though I hate Coldplay) all the proceeds from their iTunes sales go to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which supports sustainable agriculture and family farming. The film, by Johnny Kelly, tells the story of a farmer that turns his small farm into an industrial factory before "seeing the error of his ways" and returning to his sustainable family farm. I'm not entirely convinced that Chipotle is as sustainable as it pretends to be, but I am a fan of the commercial. Kind of cool, eh? 

♥, Azzara

October 10, 2011

Pumped up kicks

Foster The People performance from SNL last week.  Check out the guy with the tambourine, keyboard, and shakers keeping mad beats.  I like that he's WAY into it.

Oh yeah and this one because it has Kenny G?
VvV Amanda


Some cool prints from ineednicethings

VvV Amanda

October 9, 2011


This is still so so great.  Every time I watch this video of impressions i'm so impressed by Kevin Spacey. Talk about voice modulation!  Mad skills:

VvV Amanda

October 8, 2011

Honk! fest

Last weekend I visited Azzara and Caroline in Boston for Honk fest.  If you can imagine 10-15 piece bands marching through Davis Square in really colorful clothes, playing huge instruments, and blowing bubbles then that's what Honkfest was.  And it was awesome.  I hope I can go back next year too!  Before that I'd gone to see the Susan Dackerman etchings exhibition at the Harvard museum so heading to Honkfest afterwards was pretty much the cherry on top of a super fun day.  I took a few pictures:

VvV Amanda

October 7, 2011


I love love love technology that is innovative, efficient AND attractive, so when I saw this video I was into IT. I love when beds hide into walls, things turn into other things and everything is super minimalistic and clean (the reason that I love Ikea... oh, and the meatballs obviously). It's exactly the way I'm going to have to furnish my future shoebox of an apartment. I love all of the brilliant ideas presented by Ron Barth, the president of Resource Furniture, in this video. 

How cool, right? Check out their website for more space-saving options! I'm so impressed!
♥, Azzara

October 6, 2011

Everyday Superhero

Hi guys, sorry I've been so MIA for weeks! Interning at the New England Aquarium has been so much fun, I seriously couldn't ask for anything better. Check out the marine mammal trainers' blog for some awesome pictures and videos of the new(-ish) sea lion pups Zoe and Sierra. How cute are they?! (& seriously, they're even cuter in person... so you should all come visit and see for yourself!)

On another (equally as cool) note, I wanted to share my love of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. with those of you that aren't already obsessed with them. BSSC is an awesome shop based in Park Slope, Brooklyn that sells everything for your superhero needs... all in order to fund their children's learning centre in the back. How cool! Check out some of my favourite items below, available on their website or in store:

Haha just a cool $42 million for the invisible plane. No big deal, right? Except you can't even see it. But hey, it's for a good cause (don't worry, it's actually only $42 dollars when you order it... yep, I tried). Intelligence in a can, if only that really existed. I could use that for SURE. And for only $12.99. Such a bargain. So, if you ever happen to be in the Park Slope area, go check out Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., the #1 Purveyors of High Quality Crimefighting Merchandise.

And come visit me at the New England Aquarium! The training sessions run all day every day and they sure are cool. I promise there will be more on that soon!
♥, Azzara


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