February 26, 2011

Zara Spring 2011

Honestly, I always thought that Zara in Europe was way better than Zara in the US but last week I stopped in the Zara Soho with my mom and was pleasantly surprised. So many nice dresses and trousers and blouses (basically everything). I wanted it all but it was so crowded in there (hello Soho on the weekend) I didn't want the hassle of waiting on line to try stuff on. HOWEVER- I will be going back soon. A lot of stuff was justtttt a little bit over the price point than I'm comfortable with but if I follow these guidelines than maybe I'll wait and invest in something special from Zara.

P.S. As you can probably tell I'm on an orange and tan combo kick.

images/ Zara

I'm still working on my Fall RTW 2011 roundup but I promise my picks are coming soon. Eye candy galore, ya! In the mean time check out Azzara's favorites below.

VvV Amanda

February 22, 2011

Azzara's Top 12 NYFW Looks

When I was first scrolling through Style.com checking out the Fall 2011 RTW collections, I seriously wanted everything. Narrowing it down to 12 looks was a difficult process, but I've done it! I loved the mix of fun, printed dresses with the comfortable everyday basics of high-waisted trousers and sweaters, and of course a pop of colour! Everyone knows my obsession with blue dresses, so they of course make an appearance. Here are my favourite Fall RTW looks from New York Fashion Week:



Derek Lam

L'Wren Scott

The Row

Jason Wu

Amanda's favourites are to come! There are just so many good looks to choose from!
♥, Azzara

February 19, 2011

ART RELISH: Stefan Kürten

I love the work of Stefan Kürten for many reasons. I discovered his work when I came across one of his monographs last year and have been hooked since. He is an artist based in both Düsseldorf, Germany and New York and I haven't yet had the chance to see his work in person (he shows at Alexander & Bonin every few years). I hope to see his work ASAP. I'll let you know if anything comes up in the U.S. because he's due for a show soon, here's hoping. Let me list the ways I relish:

+ The titles of Kürten's work are both mysterious yet strangely applicable/accessible/ touching

+ The muted color combinations

+ How the foreground and the background often meld together to form new shapes

+ The somewhat decorative/ kitschy approach to paint application, sometimes more noticeable in Beautiful People

+ The quietness of the work yet the not so obvious sense of mystery/disturbance

+ The lack of human presence and attention/ personification of the landscape and architecture

Illusion, 2007

Beautiful People, 2004

Power, Corruption, and Lies, 2009

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, 2009

Tomorrow Never Knows, 2009

What do you all think? You can check out more of Kürten's work at the links below.

VvV Amanda

February 17, 2011

Emerson Made

images/ Emerson Made

VvV Amanda

February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tunes n TeeVee

Apologies for my recent failure at sharing great Tuesday Tunes, but today is an extra special media-related post. I have recently become obsessed with Miami Vice, aka the best cop show in the whole wide world. We watched it in my Cinema and Media Studies class (which is aptly called Television... who woulda guessed) and I now can't stop watching it, thinking about watching it, or telling other people they should watch it. It's got all the fun aspects of a cop show: car chases, drugs, and guns... aaaand some great 80s enhancements: ladies with HUGE hair, an alligator on a leash, an explosion of pastel blazers and some brilliant 80s choons. Like the sound of it already? Check out the clip below, and I have no doubt that you will be obsessed with it. The pilot episode is 96 minutes long (can't get enouuugh) and all the episodes are on Hulu so there's no excuse.

Be sure to put the video on full screen and crank up the sound so you get the full effect. I thought this would be a great clip to show since it's Tuesday Tunes day, and this is for sure a good tune.

You're welcome.
♥, Azzara

February 14, 2011

Happy V-day yall.

May your day be filled with lurveee <3>

Comme de Garcons Play tee

February 13, 2011

Starring Mr. Bill Cunningham...

I haven't been this excited for a movie in forever. I can't wait for Bill Cunningham The Movie to come to NY (on March 16th) at the Film Forum. Uh, I will obviously be pre-ordering my ticket.

Bill Cunningham is a New York City documentarian, photographer for the NYTimes style section, and a complete enigma. It seems like he leads a very solitary, mysterious, yet modest lifestyle, despite his popularity. I'm so surprised that he agreed to do this film because it seems like he puts his privacy first (refreshing, I know!), as well as his art. I guess in order to take good photographs he has to remain semi-anonymous, which has been increasingly difficult since he's been at the top of the game for so long.

I got the chance to see him in person at last summers Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party and so I can't wait for this film to shed more light on the mystery that is Bill C.

He says, "I'm not interested in celebrities with their free clothes, I'm interested in fashion!" You tell em, Bill.

You can and should check out the trailer here.
VvV Amanda

February 8, 2011

Style Inspiration: A.P.C. Spring 2011

I know, I know. We can't all afford A.P.C., me especially, and often after I've studied certain lookbooks (ahem, Madewell), I've just gotten frustrated or angry because although the clothes are beautiful, honestly the cost can be too much. Lookbooks are great for fashion inspiration and should not discourage you from creating your own unique style.

Lookbooks (such as Reiss, J. Crew, and Madewell) are solid sources that I turn to time and time again. Rather than translating each look exactly it's better to pick out your favorite aspects of each and transform them into more wearable and affordable alternatives.

For example, A.P.C. has done a great job reminding me that style should be simple and NOT fussy. You should look effortless and timeless. It's good to stock up on basic/ class staples for your wardrobe: a pair of black flats, well fitting trousers, or a shift dress, nothing too trendy. And MOST importantly you should be comfortable in what you wear!

What do you all think?
Coming soon: 5 looks under $50

VvV Amanda

February 5, 2011

I want it! Valentine's Edition.

Hi there! Hope everyone's having a great weekend- watching the superbowl and eating lots of good Sunday foods. I saw this photo last week on Design Sponge and was inspired to do this post... Valentine style. I'm secretly (although not so secretly) really into the idea of Valentine's Day even though I know it's totally manufactured and hyped up. Still, it's a good day to be reflective and thankful. Regardless of whether or not you have a valentine, I think it's a great day to do something nice for yourself... because you deserve it. You heard it from us so you know it's legit:) Anyway, here are a couple of things that I think would make a nice addition to your Valentine's day.

I know white isn't your typical lovey dovey color but it would look great with red accessories etc. if you want to stay traditional. Loving the delicate detail in the fabrics.

modcloth top: $33, forever21 scallop skirt: $23

"Piglet Love" and "Dino Kiss" by Verameat

And lastly... chocolate. The Mast brothers in Williamsburg, have been highly publicized recently (just saw them on "Unique Eats" on the cooking channel). The wrappings are wonderful and apparently designed by the brothers themselves. Mmmm artisanal chocolate.

Just a reminder to look below or check here for Azzara's recent want list. So many good things! And many more to come.

Lots o luv, Amanda

I Want It: Early Spring Edition!

Every since lil ol' Punxsutawney Phil predicted that spring will soon be a-comin', we here at StyleRelish have been compiling our ever-expanding warm weather wishlists. Check out my picks for key pieces that will brighten up any wardrobe for a (hopefully) early spring:

Camel Skirt
Camel skirts are the best! I saw one recently in H&M (I wish I could find a picture) that was super perfect, but not in my size. Since then, I'm on an eternal search for a well-fitting, versatile camel skirt. Everyone loves camel!

Left: TopShop, $135. Right: Urban Outfitters, $49.

Left: The Limited, $14.99. Right: Calvin Klein Vintage on Etsy, $32.

Satchel/Saddle Bag
These bags are so versatile and soo cute. I'm a lady of many knick knacks, so large bags that don't look like I robbed a rubbish dump are definitely my thing.

Left: TopShop , $110. Right: Dillards, $198.

Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs, $458. Right: Proenza Schouler, $2,350.

Bow blouse
Okay seriously, who doesn't think bow blouses are the cutest thing ever? They go with all kinds of stuff, from jeans to high-waisted skirts.. and everywhere in between. Aaand they can be clean and simple or daring and bright!

Left: TopShop, $80. Right: Tory Burch, $255.55.

Left: Modcloth, $37.99. Right: Urban Outfitters, $39.99.

Marc Jacobs, $548.43

One of my new year's resolutions was to try and stop spending money on clothes that weren't necessary, but come on... these are vital, right? What's on your spring wish list?
, Azzara


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