January 31, 2011

Do the CREEP.

Nicki Minaj in a digital short that ran on Saturday's SNL ft. Jesse Eisenberg. Is it just me or is he the most awk kid ever?

Also, excuse the ad but it's worth the wait for this vid.

"Pop your knees up and down sh-sh-shakin’ your neck"

VvV Amanda

Cake It!

My awesome friend Elisa showed me these wonderful wedding cakes, and I couldn't help but share. Of course, they're all super nerdy... but come on, who doesn't need a bit of nerd in their lives. You won't see me near any of these cakes anytime soon (haha) but they're definitely fun to look at. I have a not-so-secret obsession with Tetris, so I find the Tetris cake just glorious (although I maybe would have had it be waaaaay more colourful... surprise surprise). Check out Elisa's blog Elimagination, where she has some really fun concept posts with lots of beautiful pictures.

Left: Pacman. Right: Zelda.

Left: Mario. Right: Tetris.

all images from RueTheDayBlog.com

Seriously, how fun are these? They're almost too cute to eat ...almost.
Happy Monday!
, Azzara

January 27, 2011

Snow day! and an online mag

AHHHH. 14 inches of snow has hit New York and here's the view outside my window. Luckily for me, that means no work today and I had time to read this wonderful online magazine that I want to tell you about:

Matchbook Magazine is a newly launched online mag, totally free and totally awesome. Here's a feature of the best 50 wardrobe staples. I'd have to agree with them. Also what sold me on the mag was that they did a feature on Rifle Paper Co, a super cute stationary company run by a hip Floridian couple. Definitely check this magazine out and I guarantee you'll like it!

images by Matchbook Magazine

VvV Amanda

January 26, 2011

Park Ave bouquet

Yesterday, I was walking past Park Ave to get to the 59th street subway station when I came across this huge installation by Will Ryman. After a little more research I found out that this project, sponsored by nyc parks, spans ten glorious blocks. So, if you're in the neighborhood of 57-67th street on Park Ave, you NEED to check these sculptures out. Apparently some of the rose petals are designed to be chairs! One day maybe when the days get longer (and warmer) I'm going to walk the full ten blocks to see the whole progression of sizes and shapes.

I love the installation because it is so unexpected on Park Ave. And so cheerful! Definitely reminds me that spring is right around the corner contrary to what the weatherman is saying tonight (uh, hello 14 inch blizzard). Check these sculptures out- they're outside so it's free to see em- stop and smell the roses!

VvV Amanda

January 21, 2011

Do The Polka (Dots!)

Anyone that knows me may be aware that I have a slight (read: super intense) obsession with polka dots. Every shop I go into on, I tend to gravitate towards the dazzling, cross-eye-inducing spots section. The other day, I even managed to wear a polka dot dress with polka dot tights without even realising (not out in public, don't worry!). Here are some of my favourite polka dot picks for spring (and maybe even one or two that will help you get through the end of a tedious winter):

Left: Meadham Kirchoff shirt, $125 at Topshop. Right: Hemlines polka dot cardigan, $28 on Etsy

Left: Modcloth dress, $153.99. Right: Marni trousers, $335.

Left: Modcloth shorts, $37.99. Right: Topshop dress, $40 (was $90.)

Can't say no right? They're just so cute! They're the perfect pattern for every occasion, go and buy some of these great pieces... so I don't have to!
, Azzara

January 18, 2011

Heel town, USA

Shoes! Who doesn't like shoes? If you don't like shoes then I don't think I can be your friend anymore. No joke. Here are some crazy heels on some heels. My fav are the pink giraffes down below. They must be murder to walk on but they're TOO CUTE (or weird, however you want to look at it). WANT.

Sam Edelman Lorissa Heel

Louis Vuitton- Photo/Jak and Jil

Don't the first pair kinda look like a electric blue horse mane. I'm sure when you walk the mane kinda flaps in the breeze. Also, the Sam Edelman heels are so intense. I hope they don't snag on your tights when you absentmindedly scratch your leg with your foot= disaster. Otherwise they are awesome.
More about SHOEZ by Az.

VvV Amanda

Free Rice!

Want to get smarter AND help end hunger? I seriously sound like a cheesy ad, don't I? Haha well, the UN World Food Programme has an awesome game called Free Rice that's super fun (if you're a nerd like me) and also happens to donate rice to people in need. So if you like games and being a good person (I hope!), check out FreeRice.com and if you're a Twitter fiend like us, be sure to follow them for more updates. I love to procrastinate with silly games online (Sporcle, anyone? I can officially name all of the African and European countries) and this is actually a great way to "waste" your time. Just thought I'd put it out there!
Happy Tuesday!
, Azzara

January 17, 2011

Vive La France (aka Poor Little Cochon)

Horray, I'm finally getting around to showing you guys photos from France! The town is Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and it's just so picturesque. The photos seriously don't do it enough justice. Sadly, my old old (not in a cool way) and crappy Pentax seems to have officially bitten the dust. I took two rolls of film and they both came out like crap. There's no contrast at all, and some of the pictures seem to have been randomly exposed to light even though they were in the middle of the roll... not great. So here I am using my brother's pictures (thanks Max!) from his digital camera instead. The weather wasn't brilliant while we were there (read: rain + cold), but we managed to get a few photos that were reasonably pretty!

The street our house is on leads to that little bridge!

We couldn't resist taking a picture of this poor little cochon!

I'm finally getting a DSLR as a (somewhat late) birthday present after many years of wishing for one, and I can't wait! Hopefully I'll be posting tons more photos on here once I get it... horray!
, Azzara

January 16, 2011

Featuring: ERDEM

Here are some looks from the Erdem Spring 2011 line that I really love. Just read an article about him in Bazaar magazine and apparently many of his fabric designs come from digital photos and patterns. Erdem graduated from the Royal College of Art and seems like an all around cool guy. His ballsy designs are geometric and structured without being stiff. In fact, I think the effect is quite girly but in a edgy sort of proper way (that make sense?). I'd wear any of these, what about you?

More about Erdem here and here

VvV Amanda

January 12, 2011

My Closet In Sketches

I've recently been obsessed with Lauren Friedman's My Closet In Sketches. A friend of mine recommended her site a while back and I instantly became a fan. Lauren is a Wellesley alum who makes brilliant sketches of her outfit ideas, incorporating all of her awesome sale, bargain and thrifted pieces to make some truly enviable looks. She writes great little descriptions about where she gets all her fab clothes and accessories, and it's clear that she's a fantastic bargain hunter! Lauren is a girl after my own heart, mixing prints and colours left and right, and she manages to make it all look so easy. Have a look at some of her sketches below, and be sure to follow her on Twitter and check out her website to see more:

I wish that I could draw half as well as Lauren! When I was a kid, my friend used to take disposable camera pictures of her "cool" outfit ideas (her repertoire included some wonderful sparkly, pink and fluffy attire). I think the sketches are a slightly more mature and classy way to showcase great pieces!
, Azzara

January 10, 2011

Sunday Brunch and Beyond

As part of one of my new year's resolutions (to keep more organised!) I decided it was time to clear up my bookmark tabs, where I tend to save anything and everything that catches my eye. Evidently, this can lead to overwhelming folders full of who-knows-what. The one up-side is that I found some great stuff that I'd completely forgotten about. Maybe it's okay to be a little disorganised, eh?

I found about about Sunday Brunch Dress from Daily Candy when they did a feature on them a while ago (maybe a year or so ago?) and fell in love with a lot of their cutesy little dresses. I'm thoroughly dress-obsessed, and super picky with my clothes, so when I come across a shop that has lots of dresses that are my taste, I can't help but be thrilled. They're not exactly cheap (at least on my budget) but if you've got a special occasion or feel like splurging, you can't go wrong with any of these gorgeous pieces.

Left (not a dress but still great): Eskell Rabbit Hole top, $215. Right: Kristinit Eye For An Eye Dress, $315.

And my two personal favourites:

I seriously am dying for the silk Kloset Nouveau dress which has rounded ribbon patterns on the back as well. Such a great colour and the long sleeves balance out the short hemline. I want I want!
, Azzara

January 9, 2011

The Sartorialist

Ever want to know more about The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman? This video gives a little bit of insight on the popular street style photographer. I wish I could roam around the streets for hours a day taking photos as a job. What a life!

VvV Amanda

Happy New Year (Only 9 Days Late...)!

I just returned from my holidays travels and I am SO happy to be back in New York. Not that my holiday wasn't great (it was!), but it's really nice to be home. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port was a super cute town in France and I took a couple of rolls of film which I will be developing in the very near future. We popped into Spain for lunch one day, which included a picnic on the beach and dipping my feet into the Mediterranean on January 3rd. Quite a feat in itself, eh?
For now I've got a few phone photos to share. I also did an overwhelming amount of shopping in two weeks (7 pairs of shoes, anyone?) and I hope some of my new purchases may make their way onto Style Relish by way of some fun photos.

St Sebastian, Spain

Now that I'm back in internetland, I wanted to wish everyone a super-delayed Happy New Year! What did everyone wear on New Years Eve??
, Azzara

January 4, 2011

January 3, 2011


Just watched this documentary on Helvetica on Netflix. NYC subway signs? Helvetica. Graphics from The Office? Helvetica. American Apparel, American Airlines, and Target? Helvetica.

Helvetica gets around.

Next up director Gary Hustwit is making a film called Urbanized, a film about Urban design and its impacts.


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