December 9, 2011


Sorry I've been so MIA! Workin' a lot, staring deep into the eyes of some seal friends. It's been SO WONDERFUL. If you don't believe me, check out our trainers blog. There are some super awesome videos of seals being fancy. 

AAANYway, I (as well as everyone in the whole world) have recently become reobsessed with nail polish. That includes painting my nails with weird creatures, buying new colours for no reason (although.. who needs a reason for new nail polish riiiight?), and just generally lurking in drugstores until the colours start to blur together and remind me a whole lot of leggings from the 80s ...Ooor cat vomit. I tried some nail art last night with my friend Gretchen, which unfortunately was slightly disastrous, but fun nonetheless.

When Amanda introduced me to American Apparel nail polish, I was a bit skeptical. Buuut I am totally a fan. I went a little crazy today and I'm so glad I did. Glitter, bronze metallic and supa fun purple! I can't wait to break out the sparkly holiday garb to pair with the sparkles on my nails. It's all starting this weekend, so stay tuned for photos. But make sure you bring sunglasses!

♥, Azzara


Anonymous said...

love the sparkles!! :)

Azzara Oston said...

isn't it just GREAT? it was definitely a good decision to buy it!

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