December 11, 2011

Boston Aquarium Pt. I

Hello everyone!  It's definitely been awhile since I've written anything but I have a bunch of photos to show you and possibly even some videos coming up in pt. 11 hint hint

I went to Boston this weekend and one of the very cool things I got to do is hang out with Azzara where she works at the Boston Aquarium.  So many cool sea life happenings.  Creatures under the water truly are amazing, beautiful, and inspiring.  Visiting the aquarium brought back so many memories from similar trips in middle school and elementary school.  Side note: it made me want to go to the planetarium soon and see the star shows/projections (possible winter break goal?).  After my final critique this weekend hopefully I will have time to post more before spring semester starts in January.

 Boston harbor at 8am!
(Made a new friend)

 So many insane and wonderful colors/ patterns

Stay tuned for some jelly fish photos and possibly a video or two.
VvV Amanda

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