October 13, 2010

Food Friends + Sweet Recipes (Literally)

So everyone knows how much I love (a) food, (b) animals and (c) creepy art, so I'm definitely a fan of Carl Kleiner's "Cafe M" Art series. My grandpa used to have the coolest calendar when I was younger that had a different animal made of food for every month of the year, and I must admit that my favourites always included weirdly deformed fruits and vegetables (with arms( frolicking around amongst trees made of broccoli. So needless to say, I really enjoy Carl Kleiner's weird creations. My favourite would have to be Mr. Lion, although Mr. Awkward-Fennel-Anteater-Man definitely has a special charm to him as well.

By now, I'm sure a lot of people have seen Carl's photo series for the Ikea cookbook "Hembakat är Bäst" (meaning "Homemade is Best"). Styled by Evelina Bratell, I think I can safely say they would make for the coolest cookbook ever. Here are some of my favourites (google the names if you're interested about what they'll become.. some of them look so yummy!):


Lingon Pepparkaka


All images from CarlKleiner.com

I want it all!

♥, Azzara

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