October 27, 2010

Amanda's trip- food highlights!

I just got back this week from vacation with my parents which I will definitely blog about more soon but I couldn't resist sharing some food photos with you. We got to go to some great places in Europe visiting family friends and here are some of my food favorites:

After Amsterdam, we drove to a small seaside town in the Netherlands and had "broodje haring" which is a raw herring sandwich that can also have onion or pickles inside a soft bread. The area's also known for fries so we had to get some fries with mayo (I'm more of a mustard gal but apparently mayo is the thing here). I know a lot of people would have a hangup with eating raw herring but I'm telling you, if you like sashimi, it's not such a far stretch. The herring is a little more fishy tasting but basically on par with lox. I enjoyed it a lot because it tasted like great beach food. It's great snack food and I could eat about 3 of those sandwiches, no joke.

After Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Germany, we took a plane to Nice and stayed at our family friend's villa . What's wonderful about the weather in Nice is that it allows for wonderful exotic vegetation. Coming from NY, I'm always jealous when others have lemon, lime, grapefruit, and guess what, our family friends had all of the above PLUS a fig tree. So jealous. We had fresh figs (above) several days and they were so good! Just thinking about it makes me want some right now!

This was apparently the trip of raw things, not that I'm complaining. This was my first time ordering tartare, made of raw ground beef, but I'm so happy I made the decision to go raw. It was seasoned wonderfully and served with fried sliced potatoes and a small salad with balsamic reduction. The restaurant was nice too- a total hole in the wall and one of 2 restaurants in the small town of Sant Jeannet. There were only 3 tables and we were lucky enough to get one of them. AH. Possible favorite meal of the trip! My plate was empty at the end. mmm, meat.

I'm almost done ranting I promise. Here is some really pretty and tasty gelato from the old town in Nice. It was a stall in the middle of a square (hope I can find it again if I go back) and they probably had about 30 flavors, all of which I wanted. I decided on rhubarb (top) and apricot. So delicious and flavorful. I've always been more of a fruity type gelato girl so this hit the spot. Perfect for walking around. Could use a tub of it right now.

Okay, more posts soon!


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