October 18, 2010

Sweet Dreams... But Not Before You Read This

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My dad was visiting, so naturally I ate as much as I could in the one and a half days he was here. It was glorious. I won't bore you all with the details, but a steak, ricotta and mushroom pasta were definitely involved. Perhaps it will inspire me to write a food-related post sometime soon..

Anyway, in the past couple of years I've seen a lot of weird animations because of the influence of a few cool people and, of course, this has led me to develop my own minor obsession. I'm partial to claymation, probably because I used to watch lots of Wallace and Gromit and Pingu with my little brother before I even knew how it was done. I recently came across a lot of old Pingu tapes, and had to share the hilarity of my childhood experience with everyone. Check it out:

A while ago I came across Kirsten Lepore, who is best known for her short "Sweet Dreams" (which took her a year to make) and was instantly fascinated by her work. Who can say no to candy? Or cupcakes on the beach? Check out "Sweet Dreams" below if you haven't seen it:

And here's one of her newer films "Bottle," which I love just as much:

Okay, I know I'm getting really overexcited with all of these videos. BUT a few days ago Kirsten Lepore tweeted about a 1941 stop-motion film by Charley Bowers called "Wild Oysters" and I can't help but include it. Charley Bowers was a cartoonist known for silent animations, although this gem is one of his works that does have sound. If you've got 10 minutes to spare, have a watch of his stop-motion film "Wild Oysters" below:

So many videos for one day, but all cool I hope. Stay tuned for Tuesday Choons tomorrow!
♥, Azzara

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