July 29, 2011

Caroline Rose + Jeff LeBlanc Music

I mentioned Caroline Rose and Jeff LeBlanc in a post a couple of months ago and since the Highline Ballroom show is getting closer and closer (August 16th, less than a month, guys!) I thought I'd harp on again about what a great time it's going to be. Jeff's sound has been compared to artists such as John Mayer and Caroline is well, Caroline. I'm not a music writer (can you tell?) but I'll just leave it up to their musical talent to convince you guys. Check out Caroline and Jeff's music, and get an advance ticket ASAP (you'll save a bunch of money & not be disappointed if it sells out before you get there). Then you'll have an excuse to hang out with us (Amanda will be there too!). How can you say no to that? Come one, come all and enjoy a great night of music and friends. Horray!
♥, Azzara

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