August 1, 2011

Chihuly at the MFA: part III

Hi all,

Azzara and I just got back from visiting Boston so I have some more to write about that soon but for now I wanted to do a quick post about Chihuly at the MFA.  You'll probably want to throttle us for all the posting we've been doing at Chihuly but honestly I couldn't not post about his work after I saw it in person on Saturday.  The glass pieces I love the most were based on basket forms and looked like they had components of being woven- so basically anything stripey I thought was extra wonderful.  
Read on for more Chihuly...

 This might have been my favorite piece in the entire show for its quiet confidence

Aren't these wonderful?

These native weavings were meant to be hung similarly to those in Chihuly's own studio. This room (except for these textiles) had so many wonderful glass pieces in warm browns and tans. 

That's all for now.  Come back later in the week to hear more about Boston and a special feature on my friend Caroline's jewelry. Have a great Tuesday- I'm off to see Sufjan Stevens tonight!

VvV Amanda

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