June 10, 2011

Garden Shots

Hey all, thought I'd update you on how my garden's growing.  Here are some snapshots from two weeks ago so you can imagine what it looks like now!  Actually you don't have to imagine because I'll post some newer pics this weekend but I hope these tie you over.  I included some pretty flower pictures too.  We ate the fist harvest of sugar snap peas yesterday. Soo good and so crunchy.  I'm so happy that the garden actually worked. Now if only the purple green beans and tomatoes would come to fruition (haha). SOON.

♫ Listening to Adele- Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle remix)
Click on for more pics...

PS- Don't forget that the free Andrew Bird concert at Prospect Park is today.  And also the Renegade craft fair is this weekend in Williamsburg!

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