June 30, 2011

Jazz Age Lawn Party- June

Hi all!

Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long for my Jazz Age Lawn Party pictures.  Last Sunday was my second time going with friends to the Governor's Island bash and it was just as fun as the first time.  Since the island is already pretty old school (took the ferry over) with its historical buildings and lack of cars, the whole effect was amplified with everyone walking around in 1920's garb.  The live music was wonderful and the singers and dancers were amazing to watch- such skill!  Such nostalgia for old times past, days of speakeasies, prohibition, finger waves, flappers, and glorious excess.  

Of course there was the annual bathing beauties contest and even though it was pretty crowded around the dance floor I managed to take a few snaps for you (thanks to my long arms). 
This was my favorite couple- he said his bathing costume was his Grandfather's old lifeguard uniform- legit vintage right there

 As you can probably tell there were many many hats

 A jazz baby!

 St. Germain cocktails! Mine was mixed with sangria and Amber's was lemonade champagne.


Heading back to the ferry and back to 2011, reluctantly.

That's all for now! Headed to DC for the July 4th weekend so you won't hear from me til next week but have a great vacation everyone. 

VvV Amanda

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H. said...

AHHHH y'all are so cute! wish I coulda been there! love your hat, manders.

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