June 8, 2011

Juuust As Good As Van Gogh (Right?)

Don't worry guys, we're still here. It's been a hectic week or so, with lots of moving (me), birthdays (Amanda's!) and super duper heat (thanks NYC for skipping straight from winter to summer), but we're back!

I'm really into green roofs, green walls and really.. green anything. So when I saw pictures of a living painting depicting Van Gogh's painting, A Wheatfield with Cypresses, I was pretty amazed. The picture was created by ANS Group Europe, a company that designs green walls in shopping centres, parks and hotels all around England. They used 25 species of plants and over 8,000 plants in total. The plants were arranged according to a numbered drawing and grown vertically before being installed outside the National Gallery in London.

It will be really interesting to watch how the plants grow and bloom between now and October 2011, when the wall is set to be taken down. How cool!
♥, Azzara

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