June 2, 2011

Well, That's Just Brie-lliant!

So by now, I hope ya'll know a little bit about how much Amanda and I love food. Especially CHEESE. I literally would give away one of my limbs for the last block of cheese on earth, if that gives you a bit of context. So when I saw that Bath Spa University fashion students had created the most brie-lliant (hehe) outfits made entirely of cheese, I was thrilled! The students used over 2,000 lbs of cheddar cheese in order to fashion some interesting couture gowns. Check out some photos of their masterpieces below:

Lisa Dillon also created a pair of "Jimmy Cheese" heels to add to the collection, using bread and cheddar cheese. 

images/ Daily Mail

The only problem for me is that I would have eaten the dresses (and the bag too ...although perhaps not the shoes) by the time I actually got to my destination. So much cheddar, so little time. This is sort of along the same vein as Lady Gaga's meat dress, huh? And definitely reminiscent of Fulvio Bonavia's edible accessories as well as Sung Yeon Ju's Wearable Foods. Hm.. I see a pattern forming here. I guess I might be slightly obsessed with food worn as clothing... let's just pretend that's normal for now, okay? 
Have a happy weekend! It's Amanda's 23rd birthday on Sunday, so eating lots of meat products will definitely be involved. Look forward to pictures!
♥, Azzara

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