August 8, 2011

ACCES-STORIES with Caroline K.

This is the latest installment of ACCES-STORIES!  I had the opportunity to sit down with my good friend Caroline in Boston and hear what she had to say about her wonderful and infamous jewelry collection.  She has some great pieces and sure wears em with gusto.  Girl's got flair!

This is quite a collection! Where have you gotten most of your jewelry from?
My mom and various travels!  I like finding things that are unique from where I get them and know that I'll be the only one that has that particular piece.  Every piece has a memory attached to it so even though I have a lot of jewelry I remember exactly how I felt and where I was and what I was doing when it was purchased. There’s a story behind every piece.

Are you a necklace, bracelet or earring girl mostly?
Definitely earrings. I like how subtle they can be but they can also add a lot to a boring outfit.

Which are your favorite 3 pieces?
1.     Necklace: when I was in Mystic, Connecticut.  It has an Emerson poem engraved on it and I think it’s awesome because you wouldn’t know it had the poem on it unless you were told.  But I know it’s there! It’s also just really cool looking.  Whenever I wear I have it I feel like I have good luck.

2.     Ring and Bracelet: I count these as one because I wear them both everyday.  The ring is from Greece and I got it with my mom on the island of Parros I think.  I had just lost a ring she had bought me a couple of years ago and she got me this one as a replacement.  I’ll always remember that trip.  I love the different shapes and I always think of the ocean in Greece when I wear it.  The bracelet is from Robby [my boyfriend] for our three year anniversary and he keeps adding charms to it- a guitar, a flower for spring (blue is my favorite color), a heart and a snow flake. Even though it’s cheesy I like it a lot. 

4.     Earrings: I got these when I was studying abroad in Paris from this jewelry store I'd been to with my mom when I was younger.  I went back alone when I was studying abroad and I felt very at home when I was there. I always feel at home in jewelry stores like I’m in my element.  The earrings are imported from Africa and it was cool hearing the history of each piece from the people that worked in the store.



Do you have a jewelry philosophy or strategy for accessorizing an outfit?
I always try to go for something that at first I wouldn’t necessarily pick out.  I think loud pieces are better than quiet pieces and generally anything turquoise I will at least pick up (and probably get)!


Things must get pretty cluttered in your jewelry case. Do you like to organize or no?
It’s pretty hectic.  Robby made his mom buy this jewelry box because he got annoyed looking at stuff all over my bureau and in plastic bags.  There are a lot of things in plastic bags and lots of things all over the place but I feel like I rediscover stuff whenever I’m cleaning.

What’s the craziest piece(s) you own?
Every year my mom buys herself, me, my Grandma, and my aunt light up Christmas necklaces and matching earrings.  It’s a family tradition now- they're great to wear to parties too.

If you like what you see leave some comments below for Caroline!  More updates soon and I might even have some pictures of my recent pickling/ Sufjan Stevens/ Boston fun...
VvV Amanda

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