August 17, 2011

Four things

1. NYX mail polish in matte orange 2. Urban outfitters polish in Bandeau 3. Mixed bean and radish seeds 4. Bracelet

Don't you love how the veggie seeds are in little glass vials?  Azzara and I went to Smorgasburg last Saturday and there was a little tiny stand handing out these seeds.  You should check out their website because it's for a great cause- they are raising money to create a community green space in an area that will become a dumb parking lot if they can't get enough support.  DONATE!

Also Azzara and I are also pretty into nail polish now so we got a couple of those this weekend too. YA friend bonding.  Who's tried that crackle stuff?  I want to see what that's all about...

VvV Amanda

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