August 8, 2011


Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been so MIA recently. I've been visiting friends all around town (meaning in the North East) and it sure has been grand. Two weeks ago, Amanda and I took the trek up to Boston on the fancyschmancy Megabus to visit us some friends. We went to check out the SoWa market where I got my favourite ever lamb on a stick back in May, from the Silk Road BBQ cart. Gimme that! 

Check out this HUGE bread wheel.

We also made some yummy pasta. Look how excited Caroline and Amanda were by the basil (Caroline sure LOVES herself some basil!)

I also took a short lil trip to DC this week, where I caught up with some Wellesley friends which included eating some delicious MMMM-panadas with the lovely Miss Sharp and getting a bombass tour of DC in just a few hours (thanks Naoms!). I also checked out the awesome zoo (it's free!). Zoos sometimes make me a bit sad when the animals don't have enough to space to run free (alright alright, sorry about the ranting), but for the most part the DC zoo gives the animals lotsa explorin' opportunities. They even had an awesome swingy contraption for the apes to get all over the zoo. I kinda wish I had one of those.

And... I've saved the best for last! My absolute favourite animal of all time is this lovely (but oddly ferocious) creature below, and I finally got he opportunity to see one in person. I WAS SO EXCITED! (Can you tell?)

Seriously, how can you look away from that face? I CAN'T HANDLE IT! Happy Monday folks! 
♥, Azzara

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Beth Shook said...

Last time I was at the zoo, the panda stared and Ben and me and then turned around so we could admire his 5-minute dump. <3

I hope you saw the red pandas as well!

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