November 1, 2010

A Saturday at Big Bambu

the Big Bambu exhibit on the Met rooftop closed yesterday but my friend Amber went to see it on Saturday. I couldn't believe how impressive and nest-like the installation. We were wondering- who's going to be stuck dismantling this thing at the end? We didn't get to walk on it because the wait was too long for ticket but we did walk through and under the bamboo poles.

I lurve Met rooftop exhibits bc the view from the top is amazing and the interaction between the art pieces and the skyline is too interesting. See below a pic of Az and I at the Koons exhibit about 2-3 years ago. Note the cool reflections!

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Azzara Oston said...

wow, that was 2-3 years ago? scary! but that other exhibit looks cool, I wish I'd seen it!

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