November 6, 2010

Gold Teef

To celebrate Weezy's freedom, check him out reppin' the gold (& diamonds). He's so fancy.

Now, a more fashion-related note, here are some wonderful clothes, shoes and accessories perfect for Gold Weekend (and beyond)!

Modcloth, $64.99

Lolitaflora on Etsy, $13.

Aaand a little bit of black... because black and gold do look so classy together. I'll always remember (gosh, I sound so old) the outfit I wore to some formal or other which consisted of a black strapless dress, black shoes, gold iridescent tights and a beautiful gold necklace given to me as a gift (don't you love it when gift-givers actually have great taste?). Anyway, the moral of the story is that I managed to maintain my slightly crazy, over-the-top style (gold sparkly tights, anyone?) while at the same time still looking reasonably elegant. Taking after my one fancy moment, here are some lovely black and gold pieces.
CapriciousTraveler on Etsy, $54.

Madewell on Shopbop, $178.

and just one more thing to tie it all together (don't worry, it's not a tie):
Modcloth, $17.99

Anyone have any great gold clothing? I've got a sweater or two with gold decoration, but other than that... I'm definitely lacking. Have a Happy Gold Weekend!
♥, Azzara


MonBalAri said...

Ugh I saw that gold dress in Madewell...why do you have to remind me about it?!

Azzara Oston said...

I knowww, I still want those Madewell boots! I just remembered them after reading your comment. Aaaaargh

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