November 29, 2010

Fashion That Looks Good Enough To Eat

When I came across this on the A Little Bit Weird blog, I knew I had to share. I think by now it's pretty obvious that we here at Style Relish love food just as much as we like shopping, and so when we come across both in the same place... we're thrilled! Sung Yeon Ju, a Korean designer, made all of these dresses out of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other foods (including eggs, chicken, and shrimp) for her Wearable Foods series. Her Tomato #2 dress is so beautiful that it was used in an H&M ad campaign. What a great idea for your Thanksgiving leftovers ....juuust kidding. Check out some of her amazingly intricate work below.

Lotus Root

Bubble Gum #2

Tomato #2

Winter Mushroom #2


...and my personal favourite, White Radish:

Ahhh I want to wear (and eat) them all! If you want to see more of Sung Yeon Ju's work, and if you're interested in seeing those egg, chicken or shrimp dresses I mentioned, check out her website for more! And if you're into strange food art, have a look at our Food Friends post from October.
♥, Azzara

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