February 5, 2011

I Want It: Early Spring Edition!

Every since lil ol' Punxsutawney Phil predicted that spring will soon be a-comin', we here at StyleRelish have been compiling our ever-expanding warm weather wishlists. Check out my picks for key pieces that will brighten up any wardrobe for a (hopefully) early spring:

Camel Skirt
Camel skirts are the best! I saw one recently in H&M (I wish I could find a picture) that was super perfect, but not in my size. Since then, I'm on an eternal search for a well-fitting, versatile camel skirt. Everyone loves camel!

Left: TopShop, $135. Right: Urban Outfitters, $49.

Left: The Limited, $14.99. Right: Calvin Klein Vintage on Etsy, $32.

Satchel/Saddle Bag
These bags are so versatile and soo cute. I'm a lady of many knick knacks, so large bags that don't look like I robbed a rubbish dump are definitely my thing.

Left: TopShop , $110. Right: Dillards, $198.

Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs, $458. Right: Proenza Schouler, $2,350.

Bow blouse
Okay seriously, who doesn't think bow blouses are the cutest thing ever? They go with all kinds of stuff, from jeans to high-waisted skirts.. and everywhere in between. Aaand they can be clean and simple or daring and bright!

Left: TopShop, $80. Right: Tory Burch, $255.55.

Left: Modcloth, $37.99. Right: Urban Outfitters, $39.99.

Marc Jacobs, $548.43

One of my new year's resolutions was to try and stop spending money on clothes that weren't necessary, but come on... these are vital, right? What's on your spring wish list?
, Azzara

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