February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tunes n TeeVee

Apologies for my recent failure at sharing great Tuesday Tunes, but today is an extra special media-related post. I have recently become obsessed with Miami Vice, aka the best cop show in the whole wide world. We watched it in my Cinema and Media Studies class (which is aptly called Television... who woulda guessed) and I now can't stop watching it, thinking about watching it, or telling other people they should watch it. It's got all the fun aspects of a cop show: car chases, drugs, and guns... aaaand some great 80s enhancements: ladies with HUGE hair, an alligator on a leash, an explosion of pastel blazers and some brilliant 80s choons. Like the sound of it already? Check out the clip below, and I have no doubt that you will be obsessed with it. The pilot episode is 96 minutes long (can't get enouuugh) and all the episodes are on Hulu so there's no excuse.

Be sure to put the video on full screen and crank up the sound so you get the full effect. I thought this would be a great clip to show since it's Tuesday Tunes day, and this is for sure a good tune.

You're welcome.
♥, Azzara

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