February 8, 2011

Style Inspiration: A.P.C. Spring 2011

I know, I know. We can't all afford A.P.C., me especially, and often after I've studied certain lookbooks (ahem, Madewell), I've just gotten frustrated or angry because although the clothes are beautiful, honestly the cost can be too much. Lookbooks are great for fashion inspiration and should not discourage you from creating your own unique style.

Lookbooks (such as Reiss, J. Crew, and Madewell) are solid sources that I turn to time and time again. Rather than translating each look exactly it's better to pick out your favorite aspects of each and transform them into more wearable and affordable alternatives.

For example, A.P.C. has done a great job reminding me that style should be simple and NOT fussy. You should look effortless and timeless. It's good to stock up on basic/ class staples for your wardrobe: a pair of black flats, well fitting trousers, or a shift dress, nothing too trendy. And MOST importantly you should be comfortable in what you wear!

What do you all think?
Coming soon: 5 looks under $50

VvV Amanda

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Hannah said...

ahhh APC was the first line I ever really loved. <3! mad class

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