February 26, 2011

Zara Spring 2011

Honestly, I always thought that Zara in Europe was way better than Zara in the US but last week I stopped in the Zara Soho with my mom and was pleasantly surprised. So many nice dresses and trousers and blouses (basically everything). I wanted it all but it was so crowded in there (hello Soho on the weekend) I didn't want the hassle of waiting on line to try stuff on. HOWEVER- I will be going back soon. A lot of stuff was justtttt a little bit over the price point than I'm comfortable with but if I follow these guidelines than maybe I'll wait and invest in something special from Zara.

P.S. As you can probably tell I'm on an orange and tan combo kick.

images/ Zara

I'm still working on my Fall RTW 2011 roundup but I promise my picks are coming soon. Eye candy galore, ya! In the mean time check out Azzara's favorites below.

VvV Amanda

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