September 5, 2010

Jazz Age Lawn Party Part II

Sorry sorry sorry for my lack of posting for ages! I had some delightful visits from some lovely friends, and much interesting food was consumed. Check out our pizza endeavours one night: garlic crust, goats cheese, mozzarella and zucchini. It was seeeeriously delicious.

Anyway, now I'm baaack. Amanda's post about Jazz Age was just charming, so I decided to do a follow-up with some photos of things I liked at the shindig. I ended up going later in the day which meant we left the island on the same ferry as the whole band, which really was just swell and allowed for much dancing and merriment right up until the end.

There was many a hat to try on and everyone got in the spirit.

So many jewels!

Glenna trying out the glasses of the hour. Wooonderful!

Such a lovely picnic basket, well used.

All in all it was a lovely day with lots of dancing, frolicking and buffoonery (isn't that a great word?). I highly recommend it for everyone next year, just as long as your remember to wear your dancing shoes!

Happy Labor Day to all!

, Azzara

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