September 27, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

Well, again Tuesday is upon us so all you delightful folks will be wanting some musical goodness. And you're in LUCK. Today happens to be the second installment of Southern Comfort, the most foolish, boisterous and generally entertaining radio show of our time. We'll be broadcasting TODAY, Tuesday September 28th, from 7-8pm (EST) on WZLY 91.5FM, so please turn your dials to our wavelength if you happen to be in the area. Otherwise, click this link and open up the stream in your iTunes for some good, old fashioned family fun. We'll be playing some new Sufjan Stevens and Deerhunter as well as some other great choons, so be sure to be there... cuz you don't want to be a square.


Ps - Check out this great little heart-shaped strawberry I saw. & look forward to another fashion week post for me in the near near future.

♥, Azzara

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