September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

So I was recently clearing out my email inbox (exciting, right?) and I came across the ticket I'd bought to see one my of my favourite bands, Foals, at the end of September. And then I realised that I hadn't done a post about all of the music I've been listening to/obsessing over recently. So here goes.

Foals Foals Foals! They came out with their new CD, Total Life Forever, in May of this year but I think I'm still partial to their debut album which is just a lil bit more spunky and funky and interesting. This is their weirdly cool video for "Spanish Sahara" off their new CD, although I would also recommend checking out the song "Black Gold" which I'm weirdly obsessed with.

"Balloons," off their first CD Antidotes, is also strangely compelling:

I've also been listening a lot to the Dodos, particularly their 2008 album Visiter. When I first started listening to them, I was wondering why they'd decided to spell visitor incorrectly and assumed it was just the band trying to be hip 'n fun. BUT, I then read their Wikipedia page and was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that they played a show for a bunch of children before the album came out and were given a drawing (now the cover) by one of the lil kids where "Visiter" was spelt wrong. And I guess it stuck. Pretty cool, huh? I wish I'd been a cool enough kid to get my drawings on the cover of a CD. Anyway, check out one of my favourite songs "The Season":

Just one more, Menomena! Whaaaat a good name. I used to be obsessed with their old CDs and there had been much discussion about them having new music out for AGES. So when it finally happened in July (at least a year overdue), I was pretty excited. I can't tell if I like it as much as the other stuff yet, but there are some good toones on hurr. Have a listen to "Taos."

What are you guys listening to these days? I find that the beginning of a new school year always inspires me to listen to my old music. Perhaps it's because I never want to grow up. Hey, maybe if I'm a kid forever I can finally get one of my drawings on the front of someone's CD. I'll just have to keep trying...

♥, Azzara

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