March 6, 2011

Amanda's trip to Chicago

Hi all! Here are some snapshots from my visit to Chicago. It was mostly grey, raining, or snowing while we were there but still throughly enjoyable. The Art Institute was really fun- kind of the a Chicago version of the Met. Saw Seurat's La Grande Jatte, and Hopper's Nighthawks. Skjgdkjskgjsk.

The definite highlight was seeing Rick Bayless at one of his Mexican inspired restaurants, Xoco. SUCH GOOD FOOD. I want more of it right now. I had a steak torta (kind of a cross between and sub and a panini) and my mom got a spicy soup with meat and avocado. And to finish? AWESOME CHURROS. AH there are no words to describe the crimped dough tubes fresh from the fryer and coated in sugar. There was an option of melted chocolate or fresh vanilla soft-serve to dip them in but we opted to keep it simple and it was too good. Need about 15 more of them right now. Stat.

Also, finally saw The King's Speech. So good. I highly recommend seeing this movie! Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, and Colin Firth were all wonderful. My favorite part of the film was seeing the decor and interiors: the interesting wallpaper patterns, the shabby couches, and so many textures. Would it be weird to say it was a visual feast?

VvV Amanda


Azzara Oston said...

AAAAAAAAH! give me all of that food right now!

H. said...

love the food pics! & your hotel room looks rul pretty!

Tona said...

food looks insane!

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