March 22, 2011

Introducing: LONG ARM PRESS

So very exciting! I finally launched my own web store called Long Arm Press. Everything on the site is either handmade or assembled by me. If you have any feedback let me know as I'm new to this. Prints will be posted soon!

Also the other day I saw the Bill Cunningham movie, what a classy classy man. I highly recommend seeing it if it's is playing in your city. Who knew the blue smocks he wears every day are the same as the street cleaner uniforms in Paris?

We also stopped into this tiny Tibetan store that sold lots of wonderful colorful scarves and jewelry. I bought a bunch of bone (yes, real) pendants that I will be making necklaces and will be coming to the store soon. Spread the word please and have a great day!!

VvV Amanda

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