March 6, 2011

Barney's Warehouse and Donut Plant

About two weeks ago I went to check out the annual Barney's Warehouse Sale. As always, it was located in a basement on the west side. The prices were okay if you're looking for designer stuff and want to spend $300 instead of $700 (eek). Needless to say I felt very claustrophobic in that fashion dungeon and I left empty-handed. Although, it was definitely an experience.

After the Barney's sale we hit up the newly opened Donut Plant in the Chelsea Hotel. I've never been to the original Donut Plant on Grand Street but I loved the donut pillows hanging on the wall. Not to mention the cute donut shaped chairs. When we were there they only had three types of donuts available so we tried on of each: passion fruit glazed, carrot cake, and ginger glazed. Out of all three the carrot cake was the best. The only downside to the place was that it was extremely hot temperature wise to the point where I started sweating in my winter coat, not attractive.

Mmm, baked goods.

VvV Amanda

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