March 20, 2011

Bronx Botanical Garden

Hi everyone!

Today I went with my fam to the Bronx Botanical gardens to see the orchid show "on broadway" which was overwhelming but beautiful and worth the trip. I'm sure you're wondering what the "on broadway" theme entails and it most definitely involves piping show- tunes through the speaker system and configuring massive amounts of exotic flowers to resemble a musical set. Totally legit. There are so many different varieties of orchid that I didn't know about, some of which, if you look very closely, start to resemble human faces (you'll see what I mean in a sec). Here are some pics I took. We got there around 10 am right when they open and even though we were early it was still dang crowded in the conservatory There were people with major cameras and massive lenses (I think one guy even had a diffuser?) trying to capture the orchids on film. Needless to say, they are so beautiful and detailed that any picture will not do them justice and you'll simply just need to see them in person to get the whole feel. Anyway, here are some of my pictures but keep in mind the orchids are 10x more beautiful in person.

P.S.- As you look at em, try to imagine cabaret music in the background.

Orchids take center stage.

See what I mean about facial features? Kind of looks like a jolly man in front and a frustrated guy in back.

More photos HERE.

VvV Amanda

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