May 29, 2011

Food Food FOOD

I just got home from college (for the last time.. oh my goodness!) so I thought I'd post some of the fun thangs I've been up to the past few weeks before graduation. Two weeks ago I went to the SoWa market in Boston, and wandered around the farmer's market tasting every sample possible (honey, salmon paté, cheese, pesto... the list goes on). The food trucks were amazing too. I seriously think I had the best damn lamb skewer of all time from Silk Road BBQ.

Lots and lots of cooking has been occurring too, including a huge food fiesta last week with mustard-crusted chicken, rice pilaf, stir-fry beef n veggies and of course an overabundance of wine and cheese. Mah dear Caroline made a loaf of bread which I positively devoured with a touch of the honey bought at SoWA. We also decided to test out the crispy potato roast pinched from everyone's favourite Smitten Kitchen, adding in some garlic and green onions for good measure. I seriously want to eat it all over again.

Graduation was just as long and emotional as expected, but now it's time for summer in NYC. Horraaaay. Stay tuned for news of Amanda & Azzara's summer reunion, which will most definitely include food, fun and forking out money we don't have for shopping. 
♥, Azzara

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