January 16, 2011

Featuring: ERDEM

Here are some looks from the Erdem Spring 2011 line that I really love. Just read an article about him in Bazaar magazine and apparently many of his fabric designs come from digital photos and patterns. Erdem graduated from the Royal College of Art and seems like an all around cool guy. His ballsy designs are geometric and structured without being stiff. In fact, I think the effect is quite girly but in a edgy sort of proper way (that make sense?). I'd wear any of these, what about you?

More about Erdem here and here

VvV Amanda

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elimagination said...

Hey I really like your blog. But you guys should put bigger pictures cause you can barely see the details and I love Erdem Spring2011.

And maybe a cute background with light colored flowers
Much Love.. Always following you girls


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