January 9, 2011

Happy New Year (Only 9 Days Late...)!

I just returned from my holidays travels and I am SO happy to be back in New York. Not that my holiday wasn't great (it was!), but it's really nice to be home. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port was a super cute town in France and I took a couple of rolls of film which I will be developing in the very near future. We popped into Spain for lunch one day, which included a picnic on the beach and dipping my feet into the Mediterranean on January 3rd. Quite a feat in itself, eh?
For now I've got a few phone photos to share. I also did an overwhelming amount of shopping in two weeks (7 pairs of shoes, anyone?) and I hope some of my new purchases may make their way onto Style Relish by way of some fun photos.

St Sebastian, Spain

Now that I'm back in internetland, I wanted to wish everyone a super-delayed Happy New Year! What did everyone wear on New Years Eve??
, Azzara

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