January 21, 2011

Do The Polka (Dots!)

Anyone that knows me may be aware that I have a slight (read: super intense) obsession with polka dots. Every shop I go into on, I tend to gravitate towards the dazzling, cross-eye-inducing spots section. The other day, I even managed to wear a polka dot dress with polka dot tights without even realising (not out in public, don't worry!). Here are some of my favourite polka dot picks for spring (and maybe even one or two that will help you get through the end of a tedious winter):

Left: Meadham Kirchoff shirt, $125 at Topshop. Right: Hemlines polka dot cardigan, $28 on Etsy

Left: Modcloth dress, $153.99. Right: Marni trousers, $335.

Left: Modcloth shorts, $37.99. Right: Topshop dress, $40 (was $90.)

Can't say no right? They're just so cute! They're the perfect pattern for every occasion, go and buy some of these great pieces... so I don't have to!
, Azzara

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