January 18, 2011

Heel town, USA

Shoes! Who doesn't like shoes? If you don't like shoes then I don't think I can be your friend anymore. No joke. Here are some crazy heels on some heels. My fav are the pink giraffes down below. They must be murder to walk on but they're TOO CUTE (or weird, however you want to look at it). WANT.

Sam Edelman Lorissa Heel

Louis Vuitton- Photo/Jak and Jil

Don't the first pair kinda look like a electric blue horse mane. I'm sure when you walk the mane kinda flaps in the breeze. Also, the Sam Edelman heels are so intense. I hope they don't snag on your tights when you absentmindedly scratch your leg with your foot= disaster. Otherwise they are awesome.
More about SHOEZ by Az.

VvV Amanda

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