May 27, 2011


My aunt from sunny California sent me a huge boxful of blood oranges (thank goodness for flat rate shipping)!  They're really pretty although not totally ripe in the middle so I thought it best to make a sorbet out of the tart juice and pulp.  It turned out pretty good and if you wanted to try it'd probably work great with any kind of freshly squeezed fruit juice.  Great for the summer and very refreshing.  A scoop of it would even be good in tonic water or champagne...

Blood Orange Sorbet
2 cups orange juice with or without pulp
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cups water

Boil the water and sugar together for about a minute after it starts bubbling to make a simple syrup and let that cool while you juice the oranges.  Combine orange juice and simple syrup and then refrigerate.  Pour into sorbet/ ice cream maker and in 15-20 min it's ready.

If you don't have an ice cream maker then you can make a granita by putting the combined liquid into a freezer safe container.  Scrape the juice as it freezes every once and a while to get the icy chopped up texture. After it completely freezes it should be ready to serve. 

I think next time I try to make this I'm going to put the orange segments in a food processor to get a more even juice/ puree before combining. Might make a big difference texturally but without this step it still works. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  May it be relaxing and fun for all.

VvV Amanda

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