May 10, 2011

Mr Men... N Little Miss

When I was a lil kid, I was obsessed with the Mr Mess and Little Miss books. I had a whole set and would force my parents to read and reread them with me until they wanted to explode. My nickname even used to be Little Miss Contrary when I was young because I always thought it was funny to yell "nooo" when I was asked to do simple tasks such as brush my teeth or wash my hands (what a delightful child I must have been). Anyway, yesterday Google celebrated what would have been the Mr Men creator, Roger Hargreaves' 76th birthday with a whole bunch of great logos. Here are some of my favourites:

 Mr Uppity & Little Miss Naughty

Mr Rush

Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr Forgetful

 Little Miss Curious

Mr Bump

How great are these? I think the Google Doodle logos are definitely getting better and better. Anyway, I'm impressed. Their logos celebrating Jules Verne and Robert Bunsen's birthdays were really awesome too. Go Google!
♥, Azzara

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