May 1, 2011

Contra... Band

I just got back from Maine, where I had the absolute pleasure of trying out contradancing for the first time ever. And let me tell you, it was some serious fun. Sure, it seems like it's a good-clean-fun-for-oldies kinda thing, but I promise you it was nothing like that. It's a bit tricky to find good videos that convey the chaos that ensued, but check out a contradance extravaganza from Missouri below (sorry for the poor quality of the video, but just watch the changing formations.. it's great!). Although I confused my left from my right an embarrassing number of times, I had a blast!

Just thought I'd share my delightful escapades with you guys! New England has some great traditions. I also enjoyed the names of some of the towns: Norway, Paris, Sweden, China, Peru. Definitely creative... Maine has everything (even Europe). 
♥, Azzara

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