May 22, 2011


image/ NY Times

“Flea markets proliferate a volume of goods needing to be sold and people who are hungry — emotionally and aesthetically — to sort out the meaning of life,” said Michael Prokopow

An interesting article about flea marketing in NYC.  I've really been wanting to check out Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg.  It's on my summer to-do list which may or may not include:

+ outdoor summer concerts (list to come)
+ checking out the Maira Kalman show at the Jewish Museum
+ seeing the Alexander McQueen show, AGAIN (once is not enough)
+ making sun tea
+ making homemade ice creams
+ watch all of Parks and Recreation on netflix (2 down, 30+ eps to go)
+ maybe learning how to make French macarons, first attempt was a bust
+ gardening more and (hopefully) harvesting my veggies
+ being more productive art wise
+ getting ready to go back to school (packing, eek)

Whats on your list?
VvV Amanda

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