May 19, 2011

Last weekend in Western Mass

♫ Listening to Fiona Apple- Paper Bag

Argh, so many fun things from last weekend.  I went to visit my friend Hannah in Western Mass and even though it was raining all weekend (sad!) we still had so much fun.  Here's a samplin' of what we did.  I recently bought myself an Olympus XA camera on eBay and broke it in on the trip so pictures to come as soon as I get em developed. 

+ roamed the streets of Northampton while dodging recent Smith graduates
+ saw Bridesmaids the movie and coveted Kristen Wiig's outfits
+ ate delicious grass-fed cheese burgers and fries at Local Burger
+ finally watched The Hangover in preparation for the Hangover Part II coming out this summer
+ browsed Salvation Army and some thrift stores
+ went to this awesome bookstore in an old mill, aptly named THE BOOK MILL ("books you don't need in a place you can't find")
+ had such good blueberry pancakes (see above, yum) at Esselon Cafe
+ had an awesome spaghetti and meatball dinner at the Ryan household and met Hannah's new dog and cat! also where we...
+ played Beatles Rock Band and watched The Killing on AMC

As you can probably tell, we saw a lot of movies, ate a lot, and shopped. AHHH! Such a good weekend! Everything I love to do.  It made me really miss the area and the good ol Mount Holyoke college days last year. 

Here's a bonus pic of Hannah and her mom furminating her dog Sally.  If you want to know what furminating is- you should probz look that shizz up. 

VvV Amanda

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Azzara Oston said...

yeaaah kristin whatsherface's outfits were so nice! also, gimme all that food now! AND THE AMINALZ

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