April 28, 2011

Art Relish: Dale Chihuly

Passion Pit covers The Cranberries for this video about Chihuly's glass work.

Definitely want to see this exhibit at the Boston MFA, Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass.  Can you imagine walking under all those blown glass pieces with the light shining through? AMAZING.  If you're in Boston area you should go! 

Here are come photos by Beth (more on her photography tomorrow) from when we saw a Chihuly show at the Bronx Botanical. Lots of lovely reflections of glass on the water, water on the glass, and so on and so forth.  Amazing colors and the sunny weather really made the glass pieces sparkle (I want to add some weird joke about Twilight here but I won't even go there).

Check back soon for the interview with Beth! Have a happy Thursday...almost the weekend.

VvV Amanda

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