April 19, 2011

Last weekend in photos + henry

Henry says "READ ONNNNNN"
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Last weekend we headed out to Shelter Island on Lon Gisland (not to be confused with Shutter Island EEK) to scope out a wedding venue for my bro and his fiance Lina (hi lina!).  

While we were there it happened to be the daffodil show!  Lots of pretty flowers and lots of older ladies.  Henry came and he was the belle of the ball.  We stopped to get pie afterward at this place and I'm sad we ate it so fast- could really use a piece of that RIGHT NOW/ ALL THE TIME. 

 Yes, these are flowers in plant handbags. 

 SAIL AWAY- really liked the wallpaper.

1st place minis!

So many interesting shapes, who knew? esp. loved the orange daffodils. 

At the farmstand

We got blackberry but they all looked/smelled delicious- def couldn't decide for a few min.

Best pie ever.  The end. 

VvV Amanda

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