April 29, 2011

Hats Galore

Summer is very nearly here (horray!), and that means we'll be needing some good ol' hats to keep our heads from burning under the noonday sun. Everyone loves themselves a straw hat, from wide, floppy brims to crisp and neat fedoras, there are plenty to choose from. I'm coveting the John Lewis stripy, wide-brimmed hat. 

hats galore

Who else is thrilled for the warm weather? I went fishing today and I sure could have done with one of these gorge hats to keep the sun off my face. Speaking of hats, who watched the royal wedding? There sure were some crowd-pleasingly awful hats, weren't there? There were even jokes made about one of the hats worn being a Chihuly

Left image: Tara Palmer Tomkinson; Right image: Princess Beatrice of York

And after those photos, it might be a bit embarrassing to admit that I quite liked a lot of them. Good work Phillip Treacy! 
Happy weekend!
♥, Azzara


Anonymous said...

loveddd looking at all the hats. one of the highlights of the wedding i'd say!

Azzara Oston said...

definitely! there were so many crazy ones, think i might start looking for an over the top hat to scare my friends!

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