April 27, 2011

Pete Dungey's Pothole Gardens

In celebration of Earth Day (a little late, I know... but shouldn't it always be Earth Day?), I thought I'd share some artwork by Pete Dungey, an artist and a recent graphic design graduation from the University of Brighton in the UK. Since the local government in Oxford couldn't keep up with the overwhelming number of potholes sprouting up (pun definitely intended) all over the place, Dungey decided to counteract the problem by planting flowers in the holes instead. Seriously, what a great idea. A super green (gosh, I'm funny) idea to get rid of those pesky potholes. Wish I'd thought of it. Check out some more images below of the pothole gardens:

♥, Azzara


Beth Shook said...

Love this. On a similar note: http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2011/04/25/im-jealous-of-juliana-santacruz-herrera/#comments

Azzara Oston said...

Ah Beth, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I need to start filling in potholes with weird materials, gotta start thinking of ideas... haha

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