April 5, 2011

Last weekend in photos

Here's another weekend in photos!  Lots of fun things happened including taking care of these babies:

I decided this year to try and grow veggies because for one they can be very expensive and two because they just taste better when they're home grown.  Also, it's fun because it's a bit of a challenge and I know I'll feel satisfied if it actually works out.  Seed to fruit!

Here are some of the sprouts before I transplanted them to a raised bed in the yard (more pictures later).  It took a long time to decide what to grow but I ended up with cucumber, long purple beans, sugar snap peas, zebra tomatoes (!), and yellow peach tomatoes.  Also bought some starter plants this weekend (bell peppers, asparagus, and a blueberry bush).  I'll let you know how they're coming along for sure.

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 My friend Beth (check back for an ACCES-STORIES feature on her soon) came back to NY for the weekend so we went to Q and had this:

 Why does iced tea from a jar always taste better?

Saturday Nora, Stef and I went to the FINAL (AHHHHH) show of LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden:

Last song was New York, I Love you  with a massive balloon finale. The theme of the night was spaceship funeral.  Arcade fire even came out for a bit during North American Scum. SO GOOD. 

That's all I've got for now.  Be back soon with more!

VvV Amanda

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