April 22, 2011

Karen Walker's pad

image/ The Selby

Check out these photos The Selby took of Karen Walker's place.  What I love about Karen Walker is her quirky design sense which is definitely evident in her sunglass campaigns seen here.   The current one is kinda like Karl Lagerfield meets Yeti and the previous one was more of a aztec sun god meets egyptian theme (you have to see it to believe it). Anyway her sunglasses are pretty AWESOME I have to say.  To bad I can't afford em but one can look. 

She's the maker of many a fine thing, such as:

Karen Walker

(click through on the image for more details)

Currently listening to   Annie- Heartbeat 
VvV Amanda

P.S. my weekend project is to make lintzer cookies sandwiched with jam from this place.  More on that soon...

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